Monday, August 16, 2010


The blog "A Little Etsy Love" approached me about participating in a giveaway. What a fun idea. So, they are giving away a "Happy Pumpkin Shirt" to a lucky winner.

How do you win? Visit "A Little Etsy Love" and follow their rules. They will be drawing a contest winner on Friday. Good luck!

If you don't win one, you can always purchase one in my store.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Carnival Theme...

One of my customers was looking for outfits for a special Carnival Themed birthday party for her little girl. She was very specific with the colors that she would be using. After discussing various options, she chose the following:

The little birthday dress was made using yellow gingham. A giant lollipop was then appliqued onto the front using the colors of the party. It turned out so cute. Then the baby brother also needed a special outfit for the big day.

For his outfit, I used red gingham. I found this super cute applique for the front of his jon jon to fit the occasion. This little birthday lion is precious.

Enjoy the photos.

If you are looking for the perfect outfit, send me a note. I would love to work with you too!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Easter Bunny Shirts

These shirts are so cute!! They are perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Remember, Easter this year will be celebrated on April 4th.

All of my shirts can be made in the following sizes:



Lap Tee




They are also all available in long sleeve of short sleeve. Do you want it monogrammed? A name can be added underneath the bunny face if desired.

You can find these shirts for sale here.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

St. Patricks Day and Easter are right around the corner....

are you ready? You can be with these cute outfits....

Pink Gingham dress with Girly Chicken in Egg. Isn't she cute with her hair bow?

Orange Gingham jon jon with Chicken in Egg sporting a neck tie.

Kelly Green Shamrock Jon Jon or Longall - Monogram if desired

Kelly Green Shamrock Dress with Monogram

They are all available in my shop. Please come visit


Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Special Customer's Outfit

These turned out too cute. I decided that I must share them with you all. My special customer requested both bloomers and capri pants to match the happy pumpkin t-shirt. Don't they just make the outfit?

Happy Pumpkin Shirt with Matching Ruffle Capris

Happy Pumpkin Shirt with Matching Bloomers

Which one is your favorite?


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Holiday Goodies....

Are you thinking about Christmas? These shirts are a must have this season.

Whooalicious T-Shirt - Grinch Stealing Christmas Ornament

Truck Hauling Christmas Tree....wouldn't this be cute in girl colors?

Rudolph Applique Shirt

If you are intersted in these, please visit my store

As always, if you are looking for something in particular please drop me a note. I would love to hear from you.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Look Who's Two!!!

Rachel sent me these sweet pictures of her son in his birthday shortall. Isn't he precious. He must be turning two!! I hope he had a great one.

Thank you for sharing.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Halloween Skirts - Twirling FUN!!!

These new skirts turned out so cute!! I love both of them and can't decide on a favorite. On the black polka dot skirt, I appliqued the cutest ghost saying "BOO". On the orange polka dot skirt, I appliqued a very SCARY spider. Just look at her, doesn't she make you shake?

Love these skirts but would love a different applique, just ask. I have many to choose from. A scary cat would also be cute on the orange polka dot skirt.

Want an outfit, add a initial name shirt out of a coordinating fabric. Wouldn't your little one be set for the season.

You can see all of my creations here.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Halloween Goodies!!!

Happy Pumpkin Applique Shirt
Frankenstein Applique Shirt

I can't believe that fall is just around the corner. Look at these shirts that I created for one of my customers. I think they turned out too CUTE!!!

They are for sale in my shop...please come visit soon.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Fall and Winter Creations

I have been busy listing new items for the fall and winter in my store. Stop by and take a peek. Please let me know if you are looking for something in particular. I would love to create a custom outfit for you.

Are you ready?????


Customer Photo

One of my customers sent me this photo just the other day. Doesn't he look precious in his jon jon!!!! Thanks Rachel for sharing the photos of your precious son.I love to see my happy customers wearing their custom creations. Send in your photos and I will post the here.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Creations...

I have been hard at work over the last week to come up with some new designs. There is a fundraiser auction here in our town this weekend and I am auctioning off one outfit of choice. In doing this, I decided it was time for me to create some new samples of my work. I love these new jon jons.
Daddy's Little Caddy
Boy's Best Friend
Thanks for peeking.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have been featured....

Heather of featured me on her blog today. How awesome!!! She has decided to create a blog dedicated to fellow Etsy Artisans. I feel so privileged that she chose me. You can find the interview here.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Are you on facebook? Lillifee Boutique has a facebook page. I would love for you to become a fan. You can find my page here. See you there.

Has it really been this long?

I can't believe that it has been over a month since I have posted on my blog. I apologize for being such a slacker. It doesn't mean that I haven't been busy. Look at some of my latest creations. Most of these are one of a kind and won't/can't be duplicated. I just love this sassy flouncy skirts.
If you are interested in any of these skirts, please visit my etsy shop.

As always, I love custom orders. If you have an idea in mind, just contact me. I would love to work with you to create that something special.

Keep checking back....I will post a sale code for my website in the next few days.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Grand Opening of

I am so excited to announce the opening of my very own website. Please visit today.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Beautiful Children

Recently, I received these pictures from one of my customers. Aren't they precious. I just love their matching Christmas outfits. The dress and jon jon were made from finewale corduroy. They were both monogrammed using the "disney" font.

Thank you for sharing your pictures.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

CPSIA Update - CPSC Grants One Year Stay of Testing and Certification Requirements for Certain Products

This is such great news for the handmade industry....

Here is the information:

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously (2-0) to issue a one year stay of enforcement for certain testing and certification requirements for manufacturers and importers of regulated products, including products intended for children 12 years old and younger. These requirements are part of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which added certification and testing requirements for all products subject to CPSC standards or bans.
Significant to makers of children’s products, the vote by the Commission provides limited relief from the testing and certification requirements which go into effect on February 10, 2009 for new total lead content limits (600 ppm), phthalates limits for certain products (1000 ppm), and mandatory toy standards, among other things. Manufacturers and importers – large and small – of children’s products will not need to test or certify to these new requirements, but will need to meet the lead and phthalates limits, mandatory toy standards and other requirements.
The decision by the Commission gives the staff more time to finalize four proposed rules which could relieve certain materials and products from lead testing and to issue more guidance on when testing is required and how it is to be conducted.
The stay will remain in effect until February 10, 2010, at which time a Commission vote will be taken to terminate the stay.

We still need to make our voices heard and work toward reasonable exemptions for items that do not pose a risk to our children. We must keep working..

Thanks to all that support the handmade industry.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CPSIA-Get Informed-Get Involved

As parents and concerned citizens I’m sure most of us at one time or another have been confronted with the question of lead poisoning. But have you asked yourself what your government is doing to protect your children from lead contained in toys? The answer? They're banning toys, taking books from schools and libraries, hurting low income families, killing entrepreneurial spirit and risking putting the economy in an even greater depression than we've seen in decades. I'd like to introduce you to their solution: the CPSIA.

Do you know about the CPSIA? No? Then I ask you to take a few minutes to find out about it.

The CPSIA stands for Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, a new set of laws that will come into effect on 10 February, 2009 and will impact many, many people in a negative way. Make no mistake, this is very real. View it for yourself. If Forbes, the American Library Association and numerous other media are paying attention, perhaps you should too.

How will these new laws affect you? Well, here are a few examples:

To the Parents of Young Students:Due to the new law, expect to see the cost of school supplies sky rocket. While those paper clips weren't originally intended for your student to use, they will need to be tested now that your 11-year-old needs them for his school project. This law applies to any and all school supplies (textbooks, pencils, crayons, paper, etc.) being used by children under 12.To the Avid Reader:Due to the new law, all children's books will be pulled from library and school shelves, as there is no exemption for them. That’s okay though, there's always television. Our children don’t need to learn the love of reading after all.Article from the American Library Association

To the Lover of All Things Handmade:Due to the new law, you will now be given a cotton ball and an instruction manual so you can make it yourself since that blanket you originally had your eye on for $50 will now cost you around $1,000 after it's passed testing. It won't even be the one-of-a-kind blanket you were hoping for. Items are destroyed in the testing process making one-of-a-kind items virtually impossible. So that gorgeous hand-knit hat you bought your child this past winter won’t be available next winter.

To the Environmentalist:Due to the new law, all items in non-compliance will now be dumped into our already overflowing landfills. Imagine not just products from the small business owners, but the Big Box Stores as well. You can't sell it so you must toss it. Or be potentially sued for selling it. You can't even give them away. If you are caught, it is still a violation.

To the Second-Hand Shopper:Due to the new law, you will now need to spend $20 for that brand new pair of jeans for your 2-year old, rather than shop at the Goodwill for second hand. Many resale shops are eliminating children's items all together to avoid future lawsuits.

To the Entrepreneur:Due to this new law, you will be forced to adhere to strict testing of your unique products or discontinue to make and/or sell them. Small businesses will be likely to be unable to afford the cost of testing and be forced to close up shop. Due to the current economic state, you'll have to hope for the best when it comes to finding a new job in Corporate America.

To the Antique Toy Collector:Due to the new law, you'd better start buying now because it's all going to private collection and will no longer be available to purchase. “Because the new rules apply retroactively, toys and clothes already on the shelf will have to be thrown out if they aren't certified as safe.”

To the American Economy:Already struggling under an economy that hasn’t been this weak in decades, the American economy will be hit harder with the inevitable loss of jobs and revenues from suppliers, small businesses and consumers. The required testing is far too costly and restrictive for small businesses or individuals to undertake.

To the Worldwide Economy:Due to this new law, many foreign manufacturers have already pulled out of the US market. You can imagine the impact of this on their businesses.

If you think this is exaggerating, here is a recent article from Forbes

And for those of you prepared to be stupefied and boggled, The New Law

Did you know? If this upsets or alarms you, please react.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spring Line - Pinafore

Oh I love the pinafore. They are so easy to wear and so stinkin cute. They slide on over the head - not buttons/snaps etc. These are the perfect clothing item for the upcoming summer months. They can be worn over just about anything. They look cute with jeans/matching capris/skirts/bloomers/leggings....etc....

Give one a try today.

If you have any ideas...just drop me a line. I love to create new things. All of these appliques have been hand drawn and cute by me. They will fray slightly on the edges after wash/wear. This gives them such a unique look. Each one will be slightly different do to the fact that they are handmade.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Twirl Skirts....

Twirl skirts and more twirl skirts...While I continue to destash, I am creating skirts for the upcoming holidays and summer. Please stop by and take a look around. You never know what you might find.Floral twirl skirt with green swirls fabric. So fresh and spring. This skirt is a size 3T. It is 12 inches long.

This is one of my new Valentine Day skirts. This one picture above is 10 inches long. It should fit a 12M old little girl. Won't she look precious twirly around in this. This skirt is perfect because not only will it work well for Valentine's Day, it is also perfect for all summer long with a cute tank top and a pair of sandals.
Stop by and look at the other things that I have been working on....I should be adding more daily.
See you soon,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

CPSIA...BAD for all

HR 4040 - also known as CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act ) was passed in congress with only 9 "no" votes and signed into law by President Bush in August 2008. If you would like to read the actual law, it can be found here:

The new law as written is for all products for children under the age of 12. There are no exemptions to date. This law is not just for toys. It affects ANYTHING that is sold in the US for children 12 years and younger.

I am providing a link to the American Library Association. This law affects books. If this law remains as written today, library books from across the country for children will have to be removed from their shelves until tested. Can you imagine a library without books for kids?

Here is a link to the official site:

Please see previous entry for information on steps that can be taken to help get this law changed/revoked.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Save Handmade

Remember the outcry last holiday season over lead in imported toys? In order to combat such safety issues, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has passed legislation called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). The law sets stringent guidelines for children's products containing lead and phthalates (a chemical used in some vinyl products). It is supposed to go into effect February 10th, 2009, and after that date any product intended for children ages 12 and under must meet these guidelines, and have a certificate of compliance from a CPSC-accredited laboratory. This includes not just toys, but clothing, jewelry, blankets, sheets, books, bibs, strollers, carriers, and anything else that a child under 12 might come in contact with. Sounds great, right?

In theory, maybe. But in actuality the law is so far reaching that it may succeed in turning the economy upside down. For starters, the CPSIA requires end unit testing on every product intended for use by children under 12. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to do this testing, regardless of how small the business. That means that manufacturers (like myself ) will have to pay to get every different product they offer tested. These tests have to be done at a CSPC accredited lab, and cost tens of thousands of dollars. For example if you offer 3 different types of dresses. Each dress contains 2 different fabrics, as well as buttons, and thread, so that's potentially $600 to test one dress. But if you have 3 or more styles, that's $1800. And when you get a new bolt of fabric, you need to start all over again.

At present, there are no exemptions for small businesses and "micro" manufacturers and most handcraft artisans. There is no exception for quantities made, where the garments/products are made or anything else. Also, the Act takes a "guilty until proven innocent" approach, which would treat a handmade toy that doesn't meet the certification deadline of 2/10/09 as a "banned hazardous substance" which would be illegal to distribute in this country. Each infraction carries a $100,000 felony charge. This legislation is also retroactive for any pre-existing inventory as of February 10th, 2009. This means that everything on the shelves in those big (or small) stores will also be "banned, hazardous substances" - contraband.

Larger corporations that can afford testing will incur thousands, maybe millions of dollars in fees, and this expense will be handed down to the consumer, probably making the prices for children's products go through the roof.
This also means that after that date, even selling your kids old things on eBay or Craigslist will be illegal. Charities will not be able to accept donations without a certificate of compliance either. February 10, 2009 is being dubbed "National Bankruptcy Day" by many people in the apparel and toy industry. If this legislation is not amended, it will affect everyone from port workers to parents looking for legal products. Billions of dollars worth of children's products will have to be destroyed because they can't be legally sold, and this will cause major environmental problems.

While I am all for higher safety standards and keeping our kids safe, this law is so overreaching as to put thousands on manufacturers of children's products out of business -hurting our economy and causing even more loan defaults. Though this legislation was well-intentioned, it cannot be allowed to stand as is.

Please help us defend the American dream and our entrepreneurial spirit! This law affects every stay at home mom trying to help put food on the table and every grandmother knitting blankets for the local craft fair. It makes the thousands of us who have found a niche in the burgeoning children's market have to make a tough decision - continue to produce items illegally and possible incur a $100,000 fine, pay the enormous fees and raise costs of goods sold, or close up shop!

Please help us!
Contact your Congressperson here:
It only takes 30 seconds!
If you have an extra minute send a hard copy of the letter as well!

To sign the online petition visit here:

Read more about it here and

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Isn't she CUTE!!!

I just received this picture from one of my happy customers. I love how cute she looks in her first birthday dress. Thanks so much for sharing.

Friday, November 7, 2008

"What'cha Having for Thanksgiving"

My turkey dress was featured in another treasury entitled "What'cha Having for Thanksgiving". I just love all of the turkey items. I can smell the pumpkin pie already. YUM!!! Many thanks to Cindy Joy for including my item in her treasury. You can visit her etsy shop Bundles of Joy here.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Outfits

Last year, I created coordinating outfits for my three little ones. They were featured on Embroidery Library's stitchers showcase today. You can see it here.

Thanks for looking....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More OOAK Tunic Style Dresses

Oh, I have been so busy creating unique one of a kind dresses from fabric in my stash. I loved this candy cane fabric. I purchased it nearly two years ago because I was going to make something very special with it. Ok, so I finally got around to creating a dress using the fabric. Here is the end result. This dress is a peasant tunic style dress - there is only one and it is a size 3T. The main bodice fabric is a burgundy fine wale corduroy fabric. It is so soft. The coloring is slightly off in the picture. The corduroy is much darker in real life.....
Here's the other dress that I made with scrap fabric. It is also one of a kind. I loved this fabric. It is from a line called "taxi"..can you tell why. The main fabric is black and white with yellow canarys sitting in the tree. So sweet. This dress is a peasant tunic style dress. This dress is also a size 3T.
Both of these dresses are available for purchase here:


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Special Shortall Request

One of my customers on Etsy asked me the other day for a special order. I just thought these turned out too cute not to share. I am not posting these for sale at this time as I don't have more of the apple green corduroy and I can't find. :(

What do you think?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wow - I have hit the treasury lottery!!

Gobble Gobble!!! I love this turkey treasury. Aren't they all fantastic. The baby in the top picture just makes me smile :)

Thanks StitchinMommy for picking my dress.

Smiles, Debbie

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Treasury - Same Dress - Yea!!!

Ok, I was just notified that I was featured in another treasury. This treasury was compiled by rebeccasrags. Thanks so much for including me. Here is a picture of the treasury:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scraps!! Scraps!! What do I do with all of this fabric?

Oh my, I have so much fabric either I am going to have to move out or I am going to have to use some of it. Each day, I will try to pick out some fabric and create something with it. Most of these items with be either OOAK or made in very limited quanitites. I will be making reversible pinafores and twirly skirts with most of this fabric. Here are the 2 items that I created today...
This is the Alexander Henry Kleo Reversible pinafore in a size 24M or 2T. Here is the reverse side:

I also created this reversible pinafore with Amy Butler Pink Peony fabric in a size 18M:

Here is the reverse side. It was created using Amy Butler Camel Dot.

So long for now. Please stop by as you never know what you might find.....and once they are gone they are history.

Yea!!! I was featured in a treasury....

Oh Happy Day!! Thanks go to Weezawear for including me in a treasury. The items she picked are so fun and whimsical. She chose my lime green birthday cupcake dress.
Hope you enjoy viewing this treasury.